Don't worry about a workout or nutrition plan. Let's get you a trainer who has you covered.

in person or online

Live in Palm Beach, FL? Work with a trainer in-person! But don't worry if you don't live here. Let's go virtual via video calls and live chats.


Our trainers create personalized plans. Aquire a training and nutrition plan and you'll be good to go on your own with custom weekly/monthly plans.

1:1 and Group

Want to workout with friends or prefer get after it on your own? Either way, our trainers will be there for you and your friends guidance.

PERSONAL consultation

Our trainers cater to your needs and your goals. We want your success stories. Templates and cookie cutter plans won't cut it.


reach higher and achieve more

Low Volume / High Weight to burn fat, use it as fuel and build muscle.

High Volume / Low Weight to enhance your energy levels. Explosive movements to strengthen joints.

Nutrition is like gas to a car. Gas moves the car but fill it with syrup and the car fails.

The under estimated art. Have you ever broken an old rubber band? It just snaps.. stretching is a necessity for joint and muscular health.

A balance between muscle growth, stretching, and mental stimulus. Don't underestimate a healthy mind.

Want to compete? Oh, we got your back. From training to nutrition we have your show prep covered.

Our mission


They say it takes 60 days to secure a new routine and habit. Don't let a lack of knowledge or motivation stop you. Our trainers take the thought out of the process and will educate you along the way. When you hit that 60 days, you'll be confident enough to push forward and have the knowledge to continue growing and maintaining your personal wellness.

Be there for your friends and family. A healthier you will be physically and mentally strong. Those around you will see and feel that achievement radiating off of you. Let's get rolling and crush those goals.

Success Stories

What our members say

I've been doing workouts with Shauna for 2-3 months now and I am amazed at the progress I have made! I'm hitting goals I never thought were even possible for myself! She is amazing!

Shauna Barton

Having a supportive leader who knows how to push without asking for more than you can give is a freaking skill!! Read more about review stating Great Workout!She literally got the max out of me that was possible without letting me slack off but not pushing to far.

Jenna Pastore

Wonderful thoughtful virtual workout. He provided great feedback for each exercise, letting me know if my form needed to be adjusted for maximum benefit. Good workout!!

Steve Santangelo

Frequently Asked

Where are your trainers located?

We currently serve Palm Beach, Florida for in-person sessions. However, wether your traveling or live elsewhere, we provide virtual sessions and personalized plans to continue assisting you in achieving your goals.

How do you make a plan specific to me?

Everyone is unique. So many programs give cookie cutter templates with a fancy title of "Gain Muscle". Problem with this, your body may require a different nutrition guide or focus on muscle different muscle groups then someone else. We cater to each individuals personal goals and needs through an online or in-person assessment.

Can I switch trainers?

Absolutely. Our mission is to convince you why fitness and nutrition is so critical to your healthy lifestyle. We do this by matching you with a trainer we feel will provide the drive and information you require. If you want to try a new trainer each week until one clicks, do it!! After all, we are match makers.

How does remote training work?

Our trainers will work with you depending on the goal. Each relationship will be different so you choose. Is it a phone call to plan your session or would you rather a live video chat during your session. Either way our trainers will be there for you/

you're ready to be an athlete!